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How to Kiss with a Beard | Eric Bandholz

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Can you kiss with a beard?

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Believe it or not, kissing with a beard is a common topic of conversation among women and men. Different items are involved in kissing with a beard, such as preferences, hygiene, and comfortability. If you are a gentleman with a beard or someone curious about kissing a person with one, keep reading this article!

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What does it feel like to kiss a bearded guy?

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However, the face-to-beard contact that occurs with kissing a bearded guy has a rough macho vibe to it that surely gets the juices flowing. The feeling from beards against your cheeks is amazing!

One theory is that beards contain bacteria that can cause acne. Another theory is that the movement of the jaw while kissing triggers stress hormones which then trigger acne. Still another theory is that the presence of hair in general can lead to clogged pores. All things considered, kissing a bearded man probably isn’t the best idea.

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What is a beard burn?

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In both cases, their partners are susceptible to getting a beard burn when kissing and possibly also during oral sex. A beard burn is an irritation that happens on the skin when rubbed against sharp beard hair. Usually, this happens during times of intimacy. How do you get a beard burn?

How do you kiss a guy with a mustache?

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The third, and Eric’s personal recommendation, is what he calls the “Pucker and Down” which involves puckering your lips for the kiss, and moving your mouth downward to meet your partner’s lips, thus laying and lifting the mustache against their face. Good luck out there, gentlemen, and beard (and kiss) on!

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