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The C Word In The Hallways Mental illness is often viewed as a taboo topic, and one that is oftentimes left unspoken about in the hallways of schools. In her essay “The C Word in the Hallways”, Anna Quindlen discusses the need for more open discussion about mental health in order to break the stigma surrounding it.

\”The C Word In The Hallways\”, by Anna Quindlen

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What is the thesis of the C word in the hallways?

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Anna Quindlen in the article, “The C Word in the Hallway” argues that mental illness don’t get enough awareness or help that it actually needs.

Why did Anna Quindlen write the C word in the hallways?

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The author’s purpose is to inform people about this problem so that more parents would be aware with what goes on at their child’s school. The author writes in a serious tone for her readers. I agree with Quindlen when she describes how teenage killers are victims of inadequate mental health care.

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