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FEJU. Kisses part 5

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What should I get my best friend as a gift?

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Give your right-hand (wo)man a gift as unique as the bond you share. This custom book about your friendship is a gift that they will cherish forever. Not a writer or an artist? Don’t sweat it. With a few clicks, Book of Us helps you create personalized avatars for you and your best bud.

  • Make a gift that may reference things that you have done together.
  • Make a scrapbook with all your photos. This can be a great gift, as your friend will appreciate the time you put into it, and it will bring back memories.
  • Make something simple like a friendship bracelet or necklace to remind your friend of how much you care.
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What are the qualities of a good friend?

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Through thick and thin, your best friends have always had your back. They make you laugh when you’re down, answer the phone no matter what time it is, and love you unconditionally.

There are many qualities of a good friend. A good friend should be honest and open towards their friends. They should share their feelings, interests, fears or even disappointments with their friends. Besides, a friend must always be honest and not be afraid to open up.

What do you give your partner in crime on your wedding day?

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You know the camera loves you two, so you’re sure to take some fantastic pictures together on your wedding day. Pick your favorite and give it to your partner in crime in this lovely rustic frame. Choose the wood tone you like best and add a personalized message so they’ll never forget how much you love them.

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