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The birth dearth Book by Ben Wattenberg

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What is birth dearth?

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Birth dearth is a neologism referring to falling fertility rates. In the late 1980s, the term was used in the context of American and European society. [1] The use of the term has since been expanded to include many other industrialized nations. It is often cited as a response to overpopulation, but is not incompatible with it.

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When was the book The Birth dearth published?

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The birth dearth This edition was published in 1987 by Pharos Books, Distributed by Ballantine Books in New York, NY.

There is an interview with Jane Elliot about a book titled, Birth Dearth (1988), written by Ben Wattenberg. The book cost around $500.00. The reason for this high cost?

Which is the best order to read the birth dearth?

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The Birth Dearth PARTI DEMOGRAPHICS 2, Free Fall 3.A Little About Demographics 4. The Fruit of the Birth Dearth PART INT 5. What Happens 6.

What can we do to solve the birth dearth?

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[Wattenberg] said, ‘The third thing we could do is remember that sixty percent of the fetuses that are aborted every year are white. If we could keep that sixty percent of life alive that would solve our birth dearth.’

Or if there is a birth dearth: It’s the result of being responsibly concerned for the environment. The best way to ease up on the carbon footprint is to reduce the number of human footprints. The closer the human population gets to zero, the better off nature will be.


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