About Foodfuck

Hello and welcome! I post food


I don’t own any of these pictures. The link behind them is the original source, and also where you’ll find the photographer with copyright.


No, I wont give you a shoutout. I might follow your blog and of course I’ll check it out if you want me to, but I won’t do promos or whatever. 🙂

Sooo…how do I find the recipes?

Every picture has a link underneath. Just click the picture with the meal you like, then click the picture again and you should end up at the original source. and if not; let me know!

Do you make this food and take the pictures?

A. No (I wish, though). Every picture on this blog belongs to “real” foodblogs. Which means, once again: I don’t own any of this pictures. The only thing I’m doing is selecting those meals I find most delicious, post them together with the link to the original page, so everyone can enjoy this glorious food!!

If you have tips about how I can improve the blog, a really good foodpicture, a special foodcraving or just want to say something; just talk too me!! (I’m kind, promise)