12 TYPICAL FOOD IN KOREA Culinary Culture

12 TYPICAL FOOD IN KOREA Culinary Culture

In Korean culinary culture, their food is imbued with traditional culture from time immemorial, with dishes such as Kimchi, Bibimbap, smoky mushroom hotpots and especially Korean grilled ribs. It seems that these dishes have become a traditional feature in Korean culinary culture. With 12 typical dishes below, we can see some typical features in Korean culinary culture


Mixed rice is noticed first of all by the art of mixing colors. Normally, a bowl of bibimbap rice must have at least 6 to 7 dishes or more: white rice, yellow eggs, green vegetables, brown meat… The vegetables are usually chopped cucumbers, eggplants, etc. carrots, spinach, bean sprouts sliced, a little bit of lettuce may also be added, scrambled or deep-fried eggs with minced spiced (usually beef) meat, all This will be thoroughly mixed with chili sauce before serving. This blend gave rise to the name ‘mixed rice’.

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The name of the dish is very simple, rice wrapped in seaweed leaves. In terms of shape, Gimbap “seems” like Sushi – also a Japanese dish of rice wrapped in seaweed. But if you notice more, you will see, Gimbap is usually bigger because inside, the “stuff” includes many different foods.

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Gimbap is also cut into circles with a thinner thickness than Sushi. If the same length of a sheet of seaweed, Sushi is cut into 6 slices, then Gimbap can be cut into 12 slices or more.



Cold noodles are often used in large bowls, have a strong smell, and have a sweet and cool taste like dissolving the hot summer atmosphere. However, it is not impossible to use cold noodles in the cold season, you can still replace the meat broth with kimchi broth and to make the noodles more delicious, you should balance the kimchi broth with the broth.


Every year, in the Korean calendar, there are three hottest days in summer, called Chobok, Jungbok, and Malbok. In these days, the dish that can make people wait in long lines in front of the store despite the hot weather is the cooling and refreshing dish – ginseng chicken (samgyetang).

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Young chickens are cleaned, stuffed with ginseng, glutinous rice, abalone, jujube, then sewn with thread, put in a stone pot to stew for many hours. Traditional ginseng chicken stew becomes a nutritious and invigorating dish in summer in the land of kimchi. At famous local samgyetang restaurants, a bowl of ginseng chicken is also served with ginseng wine for diners to enjoy.


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